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low flow shower heads santa clarita

Low Flow Shower Heads Santa Clarita

Most people I know want to be pummeled by the water coming from their shower head right? But be aware, the pummeling which you desire it may come with a cost. Or you may be wondering how come that super cool low flow shower head is just dribbling out water and you emerge from your shower with soap all over yourself every time you shower. What we need to do is find that sweet spot, where efficiency meets expectation. And living in the Santa Clarita Valley, we all understand how important energy efficiency is correct?

F x P = ahhh

When you are choosing between shower heads you have to remember the new code states that you must be within the 2.0 GPM guidlines. What’s a GPM? In short it stands for gallons per minute or, the amount of water flow that derives from the shower head. The better the flow the better the shower the more Ahhh, you’ll get. Shower heads are primarily measure by the amount of GPM or flow they produce. This flow is directly affect by the PSI. Oh what’s a PSI? well, that stands for pounds per square inch, which is another word for pressure, the more pressure the better the ahhh.

The shower head sweet spot

The water pressure coming from the shower is directly affected by the overall pressure within your building. For example, if you have high water pressure say 70PSI compared with let’s say, 30 PSI, you will notice an obvious difference in flow from the shower head just as you would if you did or didn’t turn the valves up all the way. Having a superior shower head will give you that elusive ahhh in either low or high water pressures. Basically, it should feel great all the time in any condition.
So to summarize, flow x pressure = a soap free, high volume feeling showering experience.